After the age of twenty, every decade we lose approximately seven pounds of muscle mass. At the same time our basal metabolic rate decreases by two percent. This loss of muscle mass, slowed metabolism, and for some, changes in skeletal support, means a greater risk of injury and gradual loss of independence. Women, especially, are at risk of losing bone density-a condition known as osteoporosis.

One of the most effective proven methods known to reduce the rate at which these changes occur, and even reverse some changes that can lead to debilitation, is progressive resistance exercise or weight training.

The benefits of a regularly performed regime of weight training are increased flexibility, increased strength, improved balance, increased bone density, improved posture, improved self-esteem, increased metabolism, and greater ease of body movement. Weightlifting is a great way to rehabilitate after surgery or injury.

Here's what the professionals say:

"While exercise programs are good, there really is no substitute for weight training for strengthening muscles in the fight against arthritis and osteoporosis. Clyde's weight training program is innovative in addressing this issue."

Gerald Clair, MD-Obstetrics & Gynecology


"Much of what we call aging is simply the accumulation of a lifetime of inactivity and poor nutrition. There is no single intervention, therefore, that is more effective in enhancing health and functional status than exercise. Programs such as this one hold the promise of increasing the years of independence. Use this program and you can feel stronger and healthier."

William J. Evans, Ph.D-Applied Physiology & Nutrition

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