"My neck used to be so stiff I couldn't turn my head around when backing the car out of the driveway. After working with Clyde I can now look over my shoulder with ease and backing out of the driveway isn't a problem."

Priscilla Wheelock

"After I hurt my shoulder, I started training with Clyde. I started with soup cans and worked up from there. Today my shoulder is stronger than I ever remember and I feel great!"

Ethel Merserve

"I have osteoporosis and arthritis. I wanted to improve the range of motion in my shoulder in order to turn on my microwave. Now I can do it and also pick things up from the floor without my mechanical reacher."

Naomi B. Fernelius

"They say that people my age who have hip operations don't last more than six months after surgery. Well, that was two years ago.. I started with Clyde and now I'm mobile, independent, and don't have to use a cane anymore."

Harry M. Walls

Professional Testimonies:

"While exercise programs are good, there really is no substitute for weight training for strengthening muscles in the fight against arthritis and osteoporosis. Clyde's weight training program is innovative in addressing this issue."

Gerald Clair, MD-Obstetrics & Gynecology


"Much of what we call aging is simply the accumulation of a lifetime of inactivity and poor nutrition. There is no single intervention, therefore, that is more effective in enhancing health and functional status than exercise. Programs such as this one hold the promise of increasing the years of independence. Use this program and you can feel stronger and healthier."

William J. Evans, Ph.D-Applied Physiology & Nutrition

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